Your support of ultra106.5fm’s “Hope Can Change Everything” November Appeal provides hope for couples across Hobart.

Every hour on the radio here at ultra106.5fm, no matter what hour of the day you listen, there’ll be a little spot of wisdom, whether it’s a parenting tip, or a nugget of truth about families and relationships, or a reflection on faith. These little spots can have  big impact!

One of our listeners wrote to us last year, “There was a 60 second spot with Hans Kelder that I heard whilst driving to work, and just that few seconds of advice from him was exactly what I needed to hear- it spoke directly to me and to our situation. (My wife and I) are going so well now, and I am very grateful to Hans for his advice, and of course to ultra106.5fm for providing the space on Hobart’s airwaves that can minister to people anytime, anywhere!” 

And another listener called us up recently to say this: “Sometimes I will be grappling with a family related issue and the next time I tune into ultra106.5 Focus on the Family a similar problem will be discussed, and the answer provided. It’s uncanny how often this happens.”

Because of your support people are finding hope right when they need it most. Let’s do even more in the coming twelve months to help build strong marriages and strong families across Hobart.

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