One of the things we pride ourselves on at ultra106.5fm is being a family-friendly station, with great music that everyone, kids and adults, can sing along with, with no swearing or inappropriate content. We all know you don’t need to be crude to have fun.

We know, too, that this is one of the main reasons many of our listeners tune in. People like Fiona, who called our station recently to make a donation, and said although she’s not a Christian, she loves the station, loves the fact that we’re not preachy, but have great practical family advice, we’re relevant, and safe to listen to for both her and the kids.

And the young man who emailed us to say “it’s my station because it has good songs to listen to, and because I’m only eleven I’m actually allowed to listen!”

And from so many people who leave messages via our website, like “I love the family advice sections. Makes you realise that life is precious”, and “Certainly helps me wade through the every day life stuff in a more positive way”, and “Every day I look forward to tuning in to the most real and personal station in Hobart”.

This is why we do it! This is why we’re so excited every day to hear from our listeners at ultra106.5fm. We’re love partnering with you to create a fresh, fun, family-friendly radio station in Hobart.

ultra106.5fm is proudly supported by:

If you love having a family friendly  radio station too, please call 6231 1065 today, or click the donate button below and help keep bringing hope to families across Hobart!