Breaking News: with every $100+ donation to ultra106.5’s November Appeal, you’ll also be helping refugee children in Uganda receive a month of cooked meals.

We’re so excited by this. A generous supporter who wants to make a real difference in the wider world as well as for ultra106.5fm has offered this incredible deal. For every donation greater than $100 given during our November appeal, a month’s worth of cooked meals will be provided to children in a refugee camp through non-profit organisation “Feed The Hungry”. 

‘My life has changed because I’m being fed’

There are an estimated 482,569 refugees in Uganda*. Already, Feed The Hungry is serving meals to 20,000 children in Uganda each day. That means each morning, these children wake up knowing someone cares about them. In addition to getting a full belly, each meal is a source of hope and stability!

And in the midst of the fear and uncertainty in the life of a refugee, that’s everything—as it is for the brother and sister benefiting from your generosity… 11-year-old Gloria and 13-year-old Datluak, Sudanese refugees in Uganda.

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When Feed The Hungry first came in contact with Gloria, she had no reliable source of nutrition and wasn’t getting an education. Now, she enjoys both. “My life has changed,” says Gloria, “because I’m being fed.”

Your donation of $100 or more to ultra106.5fm this November Appeal can help provide another child like Gloria a month’s worth of hot meals, and source of hope. Please donate now!