Last year, Miracles Day gave over 18,500 of the poorest men, women and children life-changing cataract surgery through CBM Australia.

This year, we need to go even further and restore sight – and hope – back to the people who need it most; people like Zawati living in poverty with cataract blindness.

Nine-year-old Zawati has had a tough life – his mother died giving birth to him and his father disappeared soon after. When he was taken in by his aunt, things should have gotten easier but the cloudy spots in his eyes told a different story.

Blinded by cataracts, Zawati was unable to see his textbooks and was forced to withdraw from school. His aunt didn’t know help could be found, until someone told her about free eye surgeries from CBM’s hospital that could restore sight…

Thanks to the generosity of CBM’s supporters, Zawati was able to receive the sight-saving surgery he needed. Now, he’s in school and looking forward to a new life full of opportunities.

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Just $32 can help expert surgeons delicately remove the cloudy cataract lens and replace it with a new, clear one that will restore sight for life!

In as little as 12 minutes, someone can be taken from darkness to sight! That’s why we call them Miracles – and you can help make them happen.

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