Dave chats with Dr Fiona Wood as part of  Wounds Australia Wound Care Awareness Week.

Wounds Australia is the nation’s peak body for the management and treatment of chronic wounds. Its 3,000 strong community of healthcare professionals wants this year’s theme of “Let’s Talk About Wounds” to encourage people to talk to their family and health specialists about hard to heal wounds.
Ignoring a wound won’t make it go away, but it could lead to unnecessary painful impacts:
• Physical and health complications. Sufferers are often in constant pain, have their mobility reduced and are predisposed to a number of potential complications. These may include wound infection, both at the site and throughout the whole body, which can result in cellulitis, constant pain, amputation or even death.
• Social and emotional issues. People with a chronic wound are predisposed to mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety that has resulted from social isolation, changes to body image, and decreased quality of life.
• Financial costs of chronic wounds.
Chronic wounds cost Australia almost $3 billion a year in hospital and residential care alone. People with a chronic wound also face considerable out of pocket costs for treatment, wound dressing products and medications. For the individual, research has shown that the cost of wound products can be up to $340 per month, with some chronic wounds taking months to heal.

Unfortunately, these costs are often borne by people receiving the aged or disability pension, or those with a reduced income due to an inability to
return to work. However, with the right treatment, a chronic wound can be healed. This is why it is important to increase awareness about chronic wounds and encourage people to seek help for a chronic wound.
Wounds Australia wants health care professionals to get involved as they are in an ideal position to share their knowledge of chronic wounds with the general public.
Members of the public can share the message through social media, explore the information available on our website and join the conversation about chronic wounds.
More information on Wounds Australia and its work is at www.woundsaustralia.com.au
More information about Wound Awareness Week and chronic wounds is at http://www.woundaware.com.au