While Ultra106.5fm do have some paid sponsorship  (others know this as advertising), we’re a community radio station, and as part of the rules governing community broadcasters the government limits the amount of sponsorship spots we are allowed to play on air to 5 minutes an hour (compared to 18 minutes for the commercial stations). We are not allowed, by the government, to support ourselves with more paid sponsorship, in order to ensure that we remain a community station, supported by the community.

Our main vision for ultra106.5fm is to have a positive impact on our community, providing not only great songs and positive, family-friendly entertainment, but also to offer a message of hope to people who need it. We do this regularly throughout each day with God Spots, Focus on the Family segments, daily devotions, parenting advice, and marriage tips from Hans Kelder. It’s your donation that keeps positive messages like these on air!

Radio stations, like every business, have regular overhead expenses like rent, electricity, the need for equipment upgrades, and purchasing new music to play on-air. We also have significant expenses common only to radio stations, like rent for our transmitter site that allows us to get our station to you. Great programs cost money, and your support makes it possible to continue to provide great programs to our listeners.

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