Gabrielle Dolan joins Dave on weekend wonderings to explore Getting  rid of jargon and acronyms to rebuild trust in our leaders

In a world of alternative facts, corporate and political jargon, overuse of acronyms and increased distrust, we’re demanding authenticity from our leaders more than ever. But how do we overcome the embedded distrust we’ve become used to? 

In the new book, Real Communication (Wiley $29.95), Melbourne leadership specialist Gabrielle Dolan explains how decades of systematic deceit, jargon, alternative facts and a top-down culture of self-protection have nurtured cynicism amongst us. Gabrielle shows how leaders can authenticity earn trust with honest communication, and why it’s well worth the effort from our leaders. She says that broken trust can be hard to rebuild, but communicating authentically creates better connections between leaders, their teams and those around us. 

Melbourne-based author Gabrielle Dolan is a global thought leader on authentic leadership and storytelling. She works with high-profile leaders from around the globe, helping them to become better leaders and communicators using the art of business storytelling.

She is the best-selling author ofIgnite: Real Leadership, Real Talk, Real Results, Stories for Work and co-author of Hooked: How leaders connect engage and inspire with storytelling.

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