Jason T. Smith joins Dave to discuss Job Titles And Heirachy .

For more than a decade, Melbourne-based Jason T. Smith led Australia’s largest physiotherapy franchise, the Back In Motion Health Group, with a traditional hierarchical organisational structure. For a while, it worked well. They were recognised in the BRW Fast Franchise list for five consecutive years as ANZ’s fastest-growing physiotherapy franchise – but then their growth stopped and morale dropped. Rather than do what they’d always done, it was time for a massive overhaul. 

In his new book, Outside-in Downside-Up Leadership (Major Street Publishing $29.95) Jason shares how just two years later, after challenging their internal culture and work flow, they found the sweet spot between authentic collaboration and peer accountability.  The result: an explosion of new business growth and the freedom for each team member to excel at what they love. They achieved their overriding strategic target of 7/50/100: a brand presence in 7 states and territories, generating revenues of close to $50 million in annual client services, in over 100 locations. In this new book, Jason shares his warts and all story of what they did right, wrong, and how other businesses can adopt this strategy to thrive.


About the Author: Jason T. Smith is a business and health thought leader, and award-winning entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Back In Motion Health Group, ANZ’s largest and fastest growing provider of physiotherapy and related services, recognised in the BRW Fast Franchise list for five consecutive years. Jason’s passion for leadership culminated in establishing the Iceberg Leadership Institute, a forum through which he has provided thought-provoking mentorship to hundreds of aspiring and experienced professionals. Jason is also the Chair of the SOS Health Foundation which serves to improve the health of disadvantaged Australians. He was voted 2013 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Services in the Southern region

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