Asking your boss for a pay rise or promotion can be daunting, but the way you position yourself during this process can make or break your chance of success. With a new year brings new opportunity, and career expert & author Michelle Gibbings  joins Dave on weekend wonderings to explain that to become the leader of your career and secure a pay rise in 2020 there’s five key things you need to do:

1 Build your value

Be clear on the value you offer organisations.  Everyone brings certain skills and ways of operating to the work they do.  It’s essential to be able to clearly articulate that value and how you can help your company achieve their objectives.  You then need to consistently deliver value with the work you do, and always go above what’s expected from you.

2 Get connected

Build a profile where you are known for something, are respected, and have a network of people willing to back you and advocate for you. That means you need to spend time thinking more about what you can do for others than what they can do for you.  The more you proactively help others, the more they will want to help you. Consider how you could help a colleague or friend with their career?

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3Get planning

Actively plan your career by setting aside time to reflect on the goals you want to achieve, progress you’ve made and identify key next steps. This includes elevating your awareness of what is happening around you, in terms of how your profession and industry is changing.  The majority of the workforce will be impacted by automation and artificial intelligence, and you want to be ready for this. Also look at developments in other industries that may impact your role.  This helps to widen your view about what’s possible for your next career step.

 4 Fall in love with learning

To be at the top of your game you have to stay abreast of the latest thinking and ideas from your profession, and also from different fields.  This includes developing more than just new ‘technical skills’ (such as computer programming or project management skills), but competencies (such as emotional intelligence and critical thinking) which are going to be more important than ever in a robotic world.

5 Become the ‘go to’ expert

An expert is known for something – having spent considerable time establishing a reputation as the expert in their particular field.  This reputation is enhanced by speaking at industry conferences, hosting or being interviewed on podcasts, blogging on social media or writing a book. When a person is the expert, the work finds them.  As well, we are prepared to pay more for the services and skills of someone who is deemed an expert.