Rosie Kendall, CEO of CAP Australia believes that churches are ideally placed to meet the need within their communities she shares these thoughts with Dave on Weekend Wondering..


NCLS research has found that  six in 10 people (59 per cent) couldn’t think of a reason why religion is good for society. The same number (59 per cent) believed the most important role for churches in Australia was to support the poor.

With 10 per cent of the country now filing for unemployment in the wake of COVID-19, CAP Australia’s CEO Rosie Kendall is encouraging churches to practically help people struggling financially – and prove wrong the people who don’t believe religion is good for society.

Churches have unique opportunity to regain public faith by taking action to help people crippled by pandemic debt. Mark and Sarah, found themselves in a desperate financial situation when the pandemic hit, and their local church was able to stand with them through the storm they faced.

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Almost immediately after social distancing was put in place, Sarah’s bookings as a professional photographer dried up. Mark’s hours at his retail position in menswear were at first dramatically reduced, then stopped altogether. Both unemployed, they were getting calls each day by creditors demanding repayments from debt incurred to pay for medical bills when their first child was born with a congenital condition.

After a conversation with an online mothers’ group Sarah contacted Christians Against Poverty.

The financial burden of this global pandemic is huge, and if we’re going to recover as a nation, we need to do it together. With churches slowly opening up, will they be the refuge they have the opportunity to be?