Dave talks with Senior forecaster Tony Yates on the home run he reports  Tasmania in April 2017 saw above average temperatures, mostly below average rain

April brought many dry, mild days to Tasmania, with the mean temperature for the month above average and rainfall below average. There were some unseasonably warm days around the 20th, but a cold outbreak on the 26th.

Another mild month

  • Daytime temperatures were above average across Tasmania, typically by around one degree
  • There were several very warm days, especially from the 5th to the 8th and again from the 18th to the 22nd
  • The 20th and 21st were especially warm and several sites set new records for late-season high temperatures, including Launceston (26.0 °C on the 21st), Devonport (22.8 °C on the 21st), Wynyard (22.5 °C on the 21st), Scottsdale (24.8 °C on the 20th), Ross (25.5 °C on the 20th), and Cape Sorell (23.5 °C on the 20th)
  • A front late on the 25th brought a cold day on the 26th and a cold morning on the 27th; the coldest since October for many sites
  • The State mean maximum temperature was 0.78 °C above average and the mean minimum temperature 0.31 °C above average, giving an overall mean temperature that was 0.54 °C above average

Rainfall below average in the west

  • Relatively few rain-bearing westerly winds meant rainfall was below average in much of Tasmania, and especially in the western highlands and in the far northwest
  • A cold front with associated low passing near the State on the 9th brought rain to most areas, as did a series of troughs and lows from the 22nd to the 27th
  • Some localised moderate falls ensured the Central North and Midlands had near-average rain for the month
  • Overall, Tasmania’s total rainfall was 40% below average

A mild April in Hobart

  • It was a mild month in Hobart: a mean maximum temperature of 19.2 °C was 1.9 °C above the long-term average (but still a degree cooler than the record-setting April 2016)
  • Hobart had five consecutive days over 20 °C from the 17th to the 21st; a rare (but not unknown) occurrence so late in the season
  • The mean minimum temperature in the city was 9.8 °C, which is 0.8 °C above the long-term average
  • At 3.3 °C, Hobart’s minimum temperature on the morning of the 27th was the lowest April temperature recorded in the city since 2009
  • Total rainfall for the month was 21.6 mm, less than half the long-term April average of 50.5 mm