Dave talks with  Robyn Latimer about Tourette Syndrome Awareness Week which started today
• During Tourette Syndrome Awareness Week (7- 13th May) Australians are encouraged to ‘Take 5 for Tourette
Syndrome’, to learn more about the disorder and change the conversation.
Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder that affects approximately 45,000 children in Australia . It is characterised by rapid, repetitive,and involuntary muscle movements and vocalisations called tics. Many school-aged children will experience a tic at some point (20%), withapproximately 1 in 100 having multiple tics that last for more than a year .
To add complexity, 85% of those with Tourette Syndrome (TS) will also experience other mental health or behavioural problems. Specifically,25% of those with TS will suffer depression, 49% will experience anxiety and 63% will have ADHD .
The nature of Tourette Syndrome and the lack of understanding surrounding the disorder makes children particularly vulnerable to beingbullied, leading to them feeling isolated, embarrassed and out-cast from social groups. All of which can contribute to depression and anxiety and worryingly, one in ten youths with chronic tic disorders (CTD) will experience suicidal thoughts or behaviours .
In later life, TS can lead to discrimination which can have an impact on relationships, career opportunities and housing, as Tourette Syndrome continues to be misunderstood.
During Tourette Syndrome Awareness Week (7-13th May), Australians are being urged to “Take 5” minutes to learn more about TouretteSyndrome, to break down stigmas associated with the disorder. Even a basic understanding of Tourette Syndrome can minimise thepsychological impact and lead to a greater acceptance of people with TS.


More from http://www.tourette.org.au/