Do you like the colour yellow? Or the way the morning sun shines on the dew? We often take such things for granted, yet for many people, to see these things is nothing short of a miracle.

Between 6am and 10pm on the 27th of August  ultra106.5 fm, CBM Australia and our sister stations around the country joined forces to raise money to transform the lives of people affected by cataracts in developing countries. On that day enough money was raised to perform 22,523 cataract operations.  That’s 22,523 miracles of sight donated on one day!!!

Since then another 1,877  miralces have been donating taking the total to 24,400! Thank you

That’s 24,400 peoples’ lives changed for good.

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Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness throughout the world, The great news is that a simple operation, costing only $32, can restore vision and significantly affect people’s quality of life.

In 2014 Joe King was able to meet some recipients of CBMA’s Miracle operations. “One lady lived in a home whose front door was right on the main road. Being blind, she couldn’t leave the house without fear of being hit by trucks or scooters. Since her operation she can see the road clearly again, and can leave the house without fear. This same lady spoke so excitedly about being able to see her granddaughter’s face clearly for the first time, and how she’d forgotten how beautiful the colour yellow was.”

11960270_1031904276834266_3581810399500312368_nIt’s hard to imagine the joy this lady must have experienced the first time the bandages were removed, all because of someone’s $32 Miracles Day donation.

This year 24,400 Miracles were donated nationally, well above the expected target.

Thank you so much for supporting Miracles Day. People’s lives are being transformed for the better because of you!