Dave catches up with Felicity Bott the Artistic Director of Tasdance to discuss the current show in Hobart and also an exciting production  Hal’cyon  being prepared for the shortest day of the year.
Featuring new works from these two sensational young choreographers, evolve : revolve pairs emerging choreographic talent Liesel Zink and Award winning Gabrielle Nankivell.In this double-bill of new Australian contemporary dance,  the Tasdance performers put their bodies on the line to explore social behaviour and contemporary politics. Deploying physical invention, humour and audacity, the choreographic work of Zink and Nankivell consistently connects with audiences.Plain English puts a microscope on the way Australian politicians speak; the tactics and techniques they use to communicate to the public via the 24 hour news cycle. As a starting point for the work we have deconstructed recent interviews and speeches from federal politicians, using the rhythm, patterns, slogans and stutters to build a choreographic work that takes on a life of its own.

Brisbane based dance artist Liesel Zink’s practice is heavily influenced by psychology and sociology research. Her practice seeks to rigorously question and reveal the meaningful complexities of social behaviour. Her choreographic style is derived from her research into body language, drawing from disciplines of drama, sound, science and psychology in order to effectively communicate a concept. Liesel is currently researching the act of protest, questioning its effectiveness in contemporary Western cultures.

Part system and part science-fiction, Thorn creates an evolving landscape for a brave new world. Drawing a wavering line between reality and fantasy, the work is a small study of humans, nature and human nature.

Award winning Gabrielle Nankivell (2015 Liedtke Foundation Fellow) performs, makes and teaches dance with the same adventurous spirit by which she lives. Her goal is to ignite the imagination of audiences and create continuing avenues of conversation through performance and collaboration. Gabrielle’s performance and collaboration credits are a wide-ranging mix of internationally renowned companies and artists. Honing her career in Europe, she has worked with the Belgian artists Alexander Baervoets and Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus.

Artistic Director: Felicity Bott
Choreography: Liesel Zink and Gabrielle Nankivelle

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