Talkin Travel with a difference this week. Dave chats with author editor  and traveller Matt Towner about his  new biographical travel title called Abroad, Broke & BustedTravellers Tales From Around The World.

The book chronicles 14 travellers from Byron Bay and across Australia and their fantastic stories abroad— some happy or sad, others soft or hard. Whether they end up in jail in a third world country or nearly dead in a deep dark jungle— each reveals a sense of adventure and a sense of humour. While things don’t always go their way, the adventurers and theirs stories are bound to inspire those who love to explore, laugh and dream.

Matt Towner talks about his near death experience in Asia, loves and friendships made from all over the world as well as the amazing stories and encounters that ensued. Through his personal stories and those he met along the way to create this book, Matt is a successful travel author with many tales to tell.