Dave chats with Director Mel King a week out from opening night for Speaking in Tongues  at the Playhouse.

The Playhouse Theatre is the venue for one of playwright Andrew Bovell’s most celebrated plays – Speaking in Tongues – as the Hobart Repertory Theatre Society presents the final show for the successful 2019 season between from 18 October to 2 November.
Bovell is a masterful writer and Speaking in Tongues is a real gem: weaving coincidence, betrayal and suspense into a fascinating and intricate story. The mystery of the play will creep up on you, offering some spine-tingling moments and a few unexpected twists and turns.
Speaking in Tongues is an AWGIE award-winning play which has been staged throughout Australia
as well as in Europe and the US. Bovell famously adapted it for the screen as the classic Australian
movie, Lantana.
Directing the show is Mel King, a veteran of thirty years as a professional actor with a career  including numerous stage works, voice-overs, film, TV, radio, puppetry, production and event
management, and more recently, stage direction. She has toured both nationally and internationally.
Our cast includes some of Tasmania’s finest actors, all of whom come to the play with a rich  catalogue of theatre credits: David Bannister, Aleksandra Crossan, Arin Dean, Chris Hamley, Steven Jones, Eliot McCann, Sara Pensalfini, Sarah Phillips, Vashti Pontaks and Carrie McLean.
“Speaking in Tongues is a play that navigates shifting moral codes and the rights and wrongs of emotional conduct, Director, Mel King said.  “Presented in three parts, it examines the relationships of two couples in crises and, as the play  progresses we are introduced to more characters and even more deceptions; an enthralling and
sophisticated story that will captivate to the end,” she said.
Speaking in Tongues is on at The Playhouse Theatre, 106 Bathurst Street Hobart (18 October to 2
November). Session times are: 8pm, Wednesday to Saturday
 Matinees at 3.30pm, Sunday, 27 October and 2pm, Saturday, 2 November

Book online www.playhouse.org.au
Book in person or phone at the Playhouse Theatre Box Office
ph. 6234 1536 – Mon to Fri (11 to 2pm) or Sunday (10am to 2pm).