Relationships Australia National  EO Nick Tebby joins Dave as the winners of the Communities Connected initiative are announced.

“Sustainable social connection is a key driver in ending loneliness and achieving greater wellbeing
outcomes across Australia. Today, as part of the Communities Connected initiative, we’re celebrating the
tireless work of community organisations, whose efforts continue to lead to greater connection and support
within their communities.
Thanks to a very generous donation from Andrew Heslop, founder and now an ambassador for
Relationships Australia’s social engagement campaign, Neighbour Day, we have been able to award an
outstanding organisation with a major prize of an LG entertainment system, to enable them to continue
vital work in their community”, said Mr Nick Tebbey, National Executive Officer, Relationships Australia.
In late 2020, Andrew was named an LG Local Legend by electrical company LG, in recognition of his role
supporting communities and founding Neighbour Day in 2003. In collaboration with Relationships
Australia, it was felt that this amazing prize would be best used by a dynamic community organisation
somewhere in Australia whose main focus was on fostering social connection.
Relationships Australia, as a leading provider of services for over 70 years, acknowledges the role of all
community organisations across Australia, in rural, regional and remote as well as metropolitan locations,
in fostering sustainable connections between individuals and communities.
“All Australians have endured a difficult year, and the most outstanding entries in this year’s Communities
Connected showcase demonstrate just some of the ways the community organisations have proven
invaluable within their neighbourhoods. The initiatives of these organisations, and the resilience and
creativity they have demonstrated throughout the pandemic are great examples of the Neighbour Day
spirit in action”, said Mr Tebbey.
The Communities Connected initiative received a number of brilliant submissions demonstrating how
various groups across the country have supported their communities in spite of, and because of, the
The most outstanding entry comes from regional Tasmania, where Live Well Tasmania, has fostered
connection in northwest Tasmania with an aim to decrease social isolation and improve health and
wellbeing. Live Well Tasmania runs a variety of activities for members of its community, using a range of
programs across different mediums to bring people together. In addition to its dedicated drop-in service,
the centre runs classes, group activities and other initiatives that prove that even a small community can
find ways of connecting and supporting each other when times are tough.
Live Well Tasmania will be presented with the major prize, generously donated by Andrew Heslop and LG, by Relationships Australia Tasmania CEO Dr Michael Kelly, and Relationships Australia National Executive Officer, Nick Tebbey.
Across the country, countless more stories have emerged of the efforts community groups have gone to
support their communities.
An outstanding entry, from Darwin in the Northern Territory, came from Neighbourhood Watch NT, which
adapted its delivery model to create free and accessible resources for its community, promoting a range
of ways that Territorians could connect in safe, sustainable ways throughout the pandemic.

From Western Australia, we received another outstanding entry from the dynamic group, Empowering
Plantagenet Seniors, a Mount Barker-based organisation whose team of volunteers work tirelessly to support local seniors in a range of crucial ways. From grocery drop-offs through to community gatherings,
this group has ensured local seniors remain connected and supported throughout the pandemic,
combatting social isolation and enhancing community well-being.
Both Neighbourhood Watch NT and Empowering Plantagenet Seniors have been awarded Neighbour Day
prize packs in recognition of their inspirational work.
“Australia is full of amazing stories of connection, and this year’s outstanding entries highlight the
important, and often unsung, role that community groups play, often with very limited resources and
through the passion and hard work of their volunteers.
“Neighbour Day 2021 was an opportunity to think about social connection in all its forms, and the
Communities Connected initiative demonstrates that no matter where we are in Australia, there are brilliant
examples that can inspire and connect communities – every day”, said Mr Tebbey.

While it is crucial that we all heed public health advice (which varies from location to location), we encourage people to reach out to their communities and come together in ways they may not have previously thought possible.
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