In the last week of November, when the Minister for Education declared public schools closed for the day due to teachers’ industrial action, and thousands of kids across Hobart were suddenly without school and large numbers of parents needed something to do to entertain them, Scottie and Joe thought up a great way to give families something to do: a Pop-Up Festival!

Within 48 hours Joe had arranged a jumping castle, face painter, entertainment, and a venue, and—with the help of our wonderful listeners—started spreading the word about it.

Festivals are all about people after all, and it was wonderful to have 150-plus people show up at the Rivulet Cafe in South Hobart from 9am to get a coffee and have a chat with Scottie and Joe. Zachary Spinks played some great live music, and the kids careened up and down the SpongeBob Superslide. Peta from Face Your Fantasy was on hand to transform kids into Batman, tigers and princesses, while Michael Ahmazing from Balloon Stuff made incredible balloon art, even fulfilling Joe’s request for a Thanksgiving Turkey.

The festivities wrapped up at lunch time. Everybody had such a great time that Joe decided he needed to write to the Minister for Education about the day, to suggest that surely it was time for the private school kids to have a day off for some fun too.

Thanks so much to everyone who came and made the morning such fun. Did we see you there? What was your best memory from the day?

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