This generation of babies might not be as healthy or live as long as previous generations because of allergy, obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. On Monday 4 December, experts are launching an education campaign in Federal Parliament which harnesses the power of “The First 1,000 Days of Life” to turn the tide on childhood obesity, allergy and life-long disease.


The Early Life Nutrition Coalition, a collective of experts from Australia and New Zealand, is warning that poor nutrition and lifestyle choices made before, during and after pregnancy are unnecessarily contributing to children being at increased risk of disease and compromised health later in life. Fortunately, the right, and very simple, nutrition and lifestyle choices made during this important window of opportunity can positively shape a child’s future.


Professor Peter Davies is the Chair of the Coalition, and Director of the Children’s Nutrition Research Centre out of the University of Queensland,chats with Dave.

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Peter will discuss the growing link between generational nutrition intake and disease, as well as the practical aspects of maternal weight and diet, and the importance of the first foods consumed by infants and toddlers (for example, the importance of breastfeeding for as long as possible, and including known allergens within the first 12 months, but not before 4 months).