Wow, what an incredible week last week was. Our November Appeal target was to raise $50,000 in three days, and you did it! Together we raised a total of $50,676, and signed up three new monthly partners.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who gave during this time, or called up with a pledge. You’re amazing. We can’t express enough our gratitude to you.

A listener-supported station

We’ve said time and time again that ultra106.5fm wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your generosity, and it’s completely true. Your donations make up nearly 45% of our annual income (the other 55% comes from sponsorship, and there are strict laws limiting how many sponsorship spots we’re allowed to play each day). One of the reasons for this is to ensure that community radio stations continue to stay relevant to the community they’re serving, and the overwhelming message we got from our listeners is that WE ARE!

“Brilliant, family-friendly, uplifting radio”

We asked a lot of you when you rang why it was you were donating to the November appeal, and what ultra106.5fm meant to you, and we absolutely loved hearing all your answers. Thank you so much for your stories, for telling us what ultra106.5fm has meant to you:

ultra106.5fm is proudly supported by:

“Ultra106.5fm has been a constant pick-me-up via good people who are on air, positive music, and essential life and parenting advice.”

“It’s great to have a station that shares the same beliefs and values as us, and knowing that what is being broadcast is safe, beneficial and uplifting for our young family to listen to is of the greatest importance to us. Thank you for what you do.”

“Even though I don’t follow a religion I have learnt more about the bible by listening to Insight for Living in the early hours on the way home from work, and I also enjoy Focus on the Family when I get the chance to listen.”

Thank you! Your support means so much!

 We’re proud to be serving the people of Hobart and Southern Tasmania, and we’re excited to keep growing in the years to come.

(If you’d been thinking of giving a donation to the November Appeal but didn’t get around to it, it’s not too late to give still! Click on the donate button below and add your gift to the tally. Thank you!)