This week is Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week November 9th – 15th.David Wood talks with Rebecca Gilling about the week and the findings of the latest report on recycling.

What should go in which bin is a decision that confronts almost every Australian every day, and 91% of us believe recycling is the right thing to do – yet there’s still a lot of confusion about what should go in the recycling bin and what happens to it after it’s collected.

Our new report All Sorted: Answering the Big Recycling Questions, answers all those burning recycling questions. We surveyed 115 councils across Australia and asked them what the three most common recycling mistakes made by their residents were.

1. Plastic bags and soft plastics in the recycling bin – Nine out of ten councils (92%) say that it is one of the most common mistakes made by their residents.
2. Recyclable items in the general waste bin – Nearly half of councils (48%) reported residents mistakenly placing kerbside recyclables into the general waste bin.
3. Food contamination – Food contamination was the third most common recycling mistake highlighted by councils (23%).

In Tasmania, a number of schools and councils are getting involved in the Friday File Fling recycled paper initiative to get old files back into circulation, including Circular Head Council and Albuera Street Primary School.

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