Today  is National Holistic Pet Day – an opportunity to consider our fur-babies whole health, from diet to environment and lifestyle. 91% of pet owners describe their pet as their best friend however our busy lifestyles are making it harder to give pets attention they need.

Sadly, 41% – 59% of dogs are overweight or obese.

Pet advocate and founder and CEO of Rufus & Coco, Anneke van den Broek joins Dave to share ‘6 health hacks to reduce visits to the vet’.

Anneke’s top tips for pet owners to quickly boost their pets health are:

  1. Walk your pet in the morning rather than night. That way, getting held back at work, being exhausted from your day, or it being too late, dark and cold can no longer become excuses.
  2. Add some superfoods like an egg, salmon or fresh sardines to your pet’s diet to improve their skin and coat and energy levels.
  3. Consider adding a daily multivitamin or skin and coat supplement to their diet can also help reduce various health problems, such as dry skin and itching or reduce long term issues like joint pain. Check with your vet for symptoms and to find out which supplements might help.
  4. Provide toys that are challenging and mentally stimulating for your pet, such as toys concealing treats where they can spend time working out how to get to the treat.
  5. Brush your pet’s teeth regularly. Your pet’s dental hygiene is essential and if not well maintained can lead to infections and expensive dental health problems.
  6. Keep your pets fluids up. You can make sure they are drinking enough water by placing a number of bowls throughout the house. Some animals (cats in particular) prefer to drink from running water, so a number of fountain bowl options are available.

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