This is kind of an odd situation, and a very annoying one.

We took a call at the station from a listener named Maggie the other day. Had a good chat. Wanted to follow her up. Took her number. Saved it as a note in the Calendars app, where auto-correct STOLE it!

Look at this:

How can we text someone’s who’s number is 782 43 chorrow?

Please, we very much want to contact Maggie. We don’t have a last name, or an address. The best we know is that she listens to the station and has been on the website.

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Maggie, if this is you, I’m so sorry. My email address is below. Or please call the station on Monday, and accept my sincere apology.

If anyone out there knows any possible way of recovering something so definitely lost, please let Megan know!