Dave chats with Rev Victor Shaw about Tuesday nights Lecture and Q&A discussion at St Georges Battery Point

St George’s Battery Point presents podcasting philosopher Dave Taylor delivering the inaugural Henry Baldwin Lecture – light and dangerous thoughts about community, self, and social media.

Taylor questions whether, amid rising social isolation and loneliness, face-to-face relationships in a genuine community are still possible.

The human drive for self-actualisation, to ‘find’ ourselves, inspires a whole range of cultural responses promising to give us what we’re looking for: our authentic self.

Products, experiences, movements, spiritualities, diets, exercises and more, are all clambering to make us truly ourselves.

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The social media quest for self is rooted in the creation of an abstracted persona projected into a virtual public sphere. Is that leaving us more alone than ever? Does actual community still exist? And where can we find it?

Taylor tackles the question through a vision of our common and individual goods.

Enjoy music from cellist Alex Legg and a cup of mulled wine.

Dave Taylor is a Sydney-based thinker who founded PEACEtalks, an organisation interrogating questions about life in an Anglican church-based context. He’s written on loneliness, totalitarianism, and environmental and economic devastation. He works at the Centre for Disability Studies at the University of Sydney and, along with his friend Joel Harrison, hosts a podcast called The Eucatastrophe, which meanders through politics, pop-culture and the church to consider how a theological imagination creatively envisages the common good.

The Henry Baldwin Lecture

Henry Baldwin (1919-2007) was a lifelong parishioner of St George’s and a generous benefactor to the church. St George’s is launching this annual lecture in honour of his contribution. We’re convinced Christian theology can help us navigate life in our time.The lecture aims to provide a thoughtful contribution to our public discourse. Join the conversation.