As part of our commitment to bringing you, our listeners, the best quality radio that we can, we participate in regular market research to find out what listeners think of us, and to find out what kind of a difference ultra106.5fm is making in the community. And we’re so excited by the results.

The latest McCrindle radio survey has shown that more people are tuning in to community radio than ever before, and that listeners to ultra106.5fm in particular are three times more likely to attend an advertised event or access an advertised service than listeners to commercial radio. This is exciting to know! It’s also amazing to read that over 40% of listeners said that their prayer life had increased since switching to ultra 106.5fm, nearly 20% had increased their church attendance, and 27% of listeners had increased their Bible reading because they’re listening to ultra.

It’s great to hear that we’re a benefit to our community. Thank you so much for listening, and for being part of ultra106.5fm! We wouldn’t be here without you.

We love hearing from our listeners! What has ultra106.5fm meant for you? Leave a comment below, or drop us a line on the contact section of our website.


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