Dave chats with Jacob Galea  a transformation, mindset and success coach, motivational speaker, and business mentor.

With businesses around the globe facing near-term uncertainty, employees working from home, schools, restaurants, and public places closing down and grocery store supplies diminishing, it’s only natural that many are feeling anxious about what lies ahead.

There are strategies to deal with this uncertainty and building resilience, both personally and professionally.

He  talks  about what we can do to reduce stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Jacob talks about:

  • Why we should be vigilant but not panic
  • What we can do to reduce stress and anxiety
  • The importance of having a strong mindset during these tough times
  • The importance of resilience
  • The importance of unity as a nation right now

Jacob Galea is a Sydney based expert and author on working during times of adversity.

He is also the best selling author of self-development book, Birth of the Super You, and has been featured as an expert in his field in the Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Telegraph, Good Weekend, Body and Soul, 106.5FM radio, Wellness Daily and most recently in Good Morning LaLaLand in the US.


Galea first started training people practising martial arts, before attracting international celebrities and sportspeople as clients including American NFL player Dale Moss and Sydney FC player Brandon O’Neill.