Dave talks with Tim Bolden from the BOM who explains the Heatwave will persist through Australia Day weekend

 Severe to extreme heatwave conditions are forecast for all Tasmania for Friday,
Saturday and Sunday due to high humidity, and very high daytime and overnight
 A high over the Tasman Sea, coupled with sea surface temperatures well above
normal, will bring increasingly warmer and more humid nights, with minimum
temperatures continuing to be well above normal for January.
 A ridge will persist just south of Tasmania until Saturday, allowing sea breezes
to cool coastal locations to the mid-20s through today and Friday, while inland
temperature reach the low to mid-30s.
 Northwesterly winds aloft are bringing air from Central Australia. This
continuing warming will see inland maximum temperatures climb into the high
30s this weekend. Specific forecasts at www.bom.gov.au/tas/forecasts/
 Sea breezes will bring limited cooling to the west and south this weekend, with
corresponding coastal maximum temperatures in the low to mid-30s.
 A cold front is expected during Monday, with temperatures dropping to the low
20s in the south and west on Monday after a warm, wet and humid Sunday
night. Relief is not expected elsewhere until Monday night.
 High to Very High Fire Dangers are expected this weekend. Fire Weather
Warnings will be issued, as necessary, the day before they are required.
 The UV index is expected to remain Extreme over Tasmania throughout the
forecast period.
 Surf Lifesaving Tasmania advises the public to swim between the red and yellow
flags. Visit www.Beachsafe.org.au for safety information and local beach
 The RSPCA advises pet owners to visit http://kb.rspca.org.au/What-can- I-do- in-
hot-weather- to-prevent- heatstroke-in- my-pet_353.html.
 For health related media enquiries, please contact (03) 6166 3713. For
information on how to stay safe during a heatwave, visit