Dave chats with author and freelance writer Sabrina Rogers-Anderson about her new book which is designed to be  a good-natured laugh— The little book of Bogan baby names. 

The little book of bogan baby names is a quirky, tongue-in-cheek look at the ‘real’ names bogans call their offspring. Everything from ‘classic’ bogan names like Sharon (Shazza!) to ‘misspelt’ Bogan names like Rybekkah, there are so many great Bogan names to choose from. Other bogan names in the book include when ‘good’ names go bogan, made-up names, backwards names, celebrity baby names, urban-legend names and many more.

Those who come from a long-standing bogan background might use this book as inspiration for their next baby and there’s certainly noshame in that. The names are original, quirky, sometimes cute and sometimes crazy – but they certainly all stand out from the crowd. Bogan and proud!


In 2014, freelance writer and author Sabrina Rogers-Anderson created controversy when she published a list of bogan baby names on Kidspot.com.au – and in 2016, she wrote the second edition of her list. This little book ties them all in together and then some.

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