There’s no question that paramedics are real life heroes. They’re on the frontline every day dealing with the full spectrum of emergency trauma. But what is life really like in a job where a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death?

Dave chats with author Sandy Macken  and her new new book, Paramedic (Rockpool Publishing $29.99) where Sandy draws upon over 20 years’ experience of life on the frontline, and shares an array of up-close-and-personal accounts of racing at high speed to all kinds of real emergencies: from a car crash to an overdose, a drowning, a long fall, and even suicide. We expect our ambos to be superhuman, remaining calm and controlled at all times, however, the emotional depth of these stories reveals a whole other side, and shines a light on the important bond paramedics form with one another, and the huge toll this work takes on their lives.


A fascinating ‘behind the curtain’ look at the into the life of our ambos, Paramedic explores the extraordinary skill and split-second decision that goes into saving lives, and the raw beauty and remarkable resilience of the human spirit. Sydney author Sandy Macken is a writer, paramedic and spiritual teacher with two decades of experience in frontline emergency health. She holds degrees in health sciences and education and is currently studying a master’s qualification in counselling and psychotherapy. Sandy created Peace in the fast lane, an online hub for inspiration and holistic health tools, as well as face-to-face learning zones to enhance and ignite the spirit

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