As Childrens Book week draws to a close for 2018 Dave chats with accomplished author and radio
presenter Katrina Roe.

Lily’s Balloon takes readers on a journey to gently remind us thateveryone is connected in our big world.

A Gentle Reminder to Stop, Look Up and See the Big Picture When Lily finds a beautiful, big, shiny balloon, she wants to keep it forever – but what if somebody else needs it more?

Lily’s Balloon is the latest picture book by accomplished author and radio presenter Katrina Roe, and award-winning illustrator Helene Magisson. Three young lives are connected through one balloon, whichtouches them in different ways.

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“Look at it now, Lily, dancing on the wind, soaring to the clouds”Katrina Roe says she wrote Lily’s Balloon with the idea that aballoon’s journey could show that people are all interconnected,even if they don’t realise it.

“The story became much more about letting go of loss and disappointment, while recognising that one person’s loss isoften another person’s gain … if only we could see the bigpicture”

“All the characters in the story find peace, comfort and beauty when they stop looking down and choose to look up. We can see things so much more clearly when we look outwards instead of focusing on ourselves.”
“To capture something beautiful, first you have to learn how to look!”

Readers can have a look at Lily’s Balloon in all good  bookstores or at