Dave catches up with Author Julie Stafford and finds out about her journey over the past 4 decades.

Through the ’80’s and 90’s, before reality TV turned everyday people into cooking celebrities,  Julie Stafford’s life took a life-changing turn when she gave up art-teaching  to write a healthy-eating cookbook. Her life-changing direction from art-teacher, farmer’s wife, and mother of two, to health guru, began because her husband, Bruce, at age 30, was diagnosed with life-threatening Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Having only just begun their love story Julie wasn’t about to give up on it so easily. She researched the link between diet and disease and how a healthy diet might rebuild Bruce’s immune system. Her research efforts became Australia’s biggest and fastest selling cookbook.


‘Taste of Life’ sold a record 1.2 million copies in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and USA, and Julie followed with 22 more healthy-eating cookbooks (all best-sellers), selling more than 2.2 million copies as she traveled the globe promoting healthy lifestyles. A little over a year after his diagnosis, lapping up Julie’s love on a plate, Bruce lived unaffected by this brush with life-threatening cancer for more than 22 years.


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Stepping easily from healthy eating cookbooks to writing a best-selling motivation title, ‘Stepping Out’, Julie became a regular on the lucrative speaker’s circuit fast earning a reputation for challenging audiences to embrace life’s circumstances, not fear change, and especially to not be defined by what happens to you.


She and Bruce could never imagine, 23 years on, that they would face mesothelioma. Bruce only had minimal exposure, in farming activities, but it was enough to be lethal. That is the nature of asbestos dust!


Julie lost the love of her life in 2006, and put her energies into new directions. Her new book, ‘Seagulls on the Ganges’, is a fiction of her real life events and transformational travel experiences born on the road travelled to be grown by grief rather than be diminished by loss. Essentially it is a beautiful love story with powerful messages about those meaningful coincidences that make us stop and wonder about life.   

Skilfully, she has woven the message of asbestos through her love story to create a gentle voice of awareness. 

After reading about how India is the largest dumping ground today for asbestos, and how it is expected this country will be facing a mesothelioma epidemic the likes we may not have yet seen, Julie found the thread to make India the link in her powerful story. 

The book has been published in India and Julie hopes it will find its way into hearts and homes there and make a difference. Perhaps it will save a life. 

Now , Julie travels for months at a time. Her much-loved countries include Croatia, Morocco, France and Portugal. She wants others to know that a life ending does not mean the ending of life.In 2019 Julie  hopes to travel to India to develop the reach of her story. 

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