Dave talks with Cheralyn Darcey about her new book Flowerpaedia  an A–Z reference guide of over 1000 flowers, researched and compiled by one of Australia’s leading floral experts, Cheralyn Darcey.

Designed as a comprehensive dictionary, it shows what flowers to buy for any occasion (according to the feeling or emotion you want to convey/change, or star sign of the recipient) as well as insight into what each flower means – emotionally, spiritually and symbolically. Cheralyn shares how we can work with a myriad of flowers to help achieve balance, calm or healing in our lives, homes and gardens. A must-read for both gardeners and anyone charmed by the beauty and energy of flowers,Flowerpaedia ensures you select the right flower for every occasion with the feeling you intended.

Author Cheralyn Darcey is an environmental artist, Flower Therapist and Teacher

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