Dave chats with new Author Mandy Beaumont’s whose writing has been called powerful, brutal, magnificent and complex.

Her debut short story collection Wild, Fearless Chests was shortlisted for the 2018 Hachette Richell Prize, the 2019 UWAP Dorothy Hewett Award, and a short story from the collection won the Moth International Short Story Award

As women’s voices begin to rise together, Mandy Beaumont’s brutal and uncompromising stories are a compelling reminder of the ways in which women have fallen, been dismissed, hurt, hated and loved from afar.

These are the stories we have always known, have always heard about and are perhaps just short moments away from.

They are yours, ours, mine. They are booming anger. They are wild love. They are the distorted and the decided, the imagined and the wanted. They are the shaking ground beneath our feet. A powerful call to arms. They compel us to stand tall. To break free. To defy the gaze. To claim our space.

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