Dave chats with  Serina Bird writer of the  The Joyful Frugalista.

The Joyful Frugalista is the essential handbook to living frugally, mindfully and with real joy on any budget. Serina’s book applauds frugality and will help anyone cultivate a mindset that focuses on self-wealth, abundance and gratitude; overcome limiting beliefs about money; build small trickles of savings into large rivers of wealth using the miracle of compound interest; save on energy bills; dress to wow and impress on less; reduce the amount they spend on groceries while still cooking and eating amazing food; and enjoy going out without breaking the bank.


With many Australian households feeling the pain of rising housing, energy and transportation costs coupled with stagnating wages – and countless people facing large post-Christmas credit card bills – Serina’s sage advice is very pertinent.


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As Serina says: ‘A frugalista is someone who lives the good life, the fashionable life, while still living frugally — someone who is mindful of the small things, avoids waste and lives consciously. A frugalista prioritises things like reducing food waste and negotiating the best deals, and can identify what is a need rather than a want. A frugalista isn’t a slave to department store fashion and instead appreciates what they have and makes the most from it. As a frugalista, I celebrate the abundance around me, enjoying and knowing that I don’t have to be in debt to live my life the way I want to. I believe in ‘less is more’ and in striving to live with less clutter. My frugal lifestyle also places a premium on people and experiences over ‘stuff’.’


For more    https://www.msfrugalears.com/