Dr Cris Beer has written the New ‘Healthy Liver’ book. Dave catches up with Chris who is also a Dry July ambassador.The book  provides a research-based guide to liver health & what to do when we overindulge. 


Our liver plays a crucial role in our overall wellbeing, affecting everything from our energy levels, our ability to fight diseases through to our metabolism. So, how can we keep it in good shape, especially after overindulging?


In the forthcoming book, ), Dry July ambassador Dr Cris Beer has written a research-based guide to keeping your liver healthy and fatty free. Dr Cris provides an abundance of liver health tips, methods and healthy recipes that all promote liver health, including a 7-day detox.

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A healthy liver performs an amazing 500 different functions, from breaking down fat, extracting vitamins, storing energy and fighting infections – and Healthy Liver provides a complete guide to keeping it in good health, with easy-to-implement tips for our everyday lives.