Hi, and thanks so much for being part of the ultra 106.5 fm family. It’s so great to have you on board!

We’re so excited about the results of our recent Radiothon. Along with the very important financial support, we’ve heard so many stories of lives being significantly affected through this radio station. Thank  you for making this possible.

One of our listeners, Anne, shared how she doesn’t believe she would be here today if it wasn’t for the encouragement she received through the radio station. Thank you! It’s because of your financial and prayer support that these stories are possible.

We also received lots of feedback from parents saying how gratefulthey are to have a radio station that they can trust to play songs with “clean” lyrics, and announcers who aren’t rude or spilling out innuendoes. Once again thank you!

Thank you also for your generous support of Radiothon together we managed to raise $130,022

ultra106.5fm is proudly supported by:

As a result we were able to bring our transmitter back up to full strength mid July! We also have plans to upgrade and replace old equipment over the coming months so stay listening to hear further improvements.

We’re also gearing up for the end of this month for CBM’s annual Miracles Day, where a gift of just $32 can provide life-changing cataract surgery for someone in a developing country. Make sure you listen out for it in the week leading up to August 27th.

Thank you again. As a listener-supported radio station ultra106.5fm would not be possible without you!

Kind Regards

Nathaniel Garvin

General Manager