What a month November has been! Taking so many phone calls during our recent Appeal, and hearing your stories about what ultra106.5fm has meant to you, and how the station has helped you and your family has been an incredible privilege. So many of you shared how listening to ultra106.5 has given you hope, encouraged you through difficult times, and just “been there”, with good music, a good message, and a sense of hope.

Wow. Let me tell you, you have encouraged US!

One of the biggest highlights from that time was hearing the story of a family for whom ultra106.5fm has been especially meaningful in helping the mum reopen lines of communication with her teenage son. She said, “I thought I was going to lose him, and it was your radio station that brought us all back together. He’s nearly 15…that typical broken family, normal teenager, don’t know where to go, kind of stuff, and holding on to your radio station as our anchor and picking up things every day… there’s just always something on the radio that we can build on, that brings us back together. It sorted out all the issues that we were having between me and him, and it’s come back that he can actually talk to me now.”

I love that Hobart has this radio station that can be there for people when they need it the most.

I’m also excited, for that same reason, that the new ultra106.5fm Careline is now operational. This service is available to you, at any time between 9am and 11pm, for the cost of a local call. All you need to do is call 6111 5396, and you’ll find a caring volunteer to chat with.

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Thank you again for partnering with ultra106.5fm. We love being on this journey with you.


Nathaniel Garvin

General Manager