Tasmania has unfortunately moved three rungs up the leader board in 2015 to record the nation’s third highest average rubbish count according to data received by 2015 Clean Up volunteers.


The only state to record an increase within their total average item count across all site types


Ian Kiernan tells David Wood  Tasmania needs urgent action to reduce the impact of food packaging and beverage containers.

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Tasmania also needs to pay more attention to its beaches and coastal areas which recorded 31% of the states total rubbish [the highest percentage in the country] followed by roadways which accounted for 23% of the total rubbish count according to data provided by Clean Up volunteers.


Food packaging, representing 30% of the total rubbish surveyed and coming in at number one in the Top 10 group data, is a major problem for Tasmanians.


The litter that accumulates in TAS reflects single-use consumables promoted as lifestyle choices by clever marketers. Every item in the Top 10 Individual item count was a single-use-then-dispose item; 27.3% of individual items were beverage containers.