Scott Boucher talks with Dave about this weekends Basketball Tasmania State League  weekend in Devonport.


State League Preview Round 2
November 2/3 Devonport Stadium

Penguin Blues
After getting off to a great start, 2018 Champions and 2019 favourites Penguin Blues have a
relatively easy run into the Final 4. With 3 wins under their belts and 3 very winnable games,
penguin should have no trouble finishing the regular part of the State league season 6-0.
Reyne Smith (58) and Zac White (56) have been Penguins leading scorers.
Launceston Lightning
Like Penguin, the Launceston team sits 3-0 heading into this weekend. Only really
challenged in one of their first 3 games, the Lightning will start the weekend with a tough
matchup against Burnie. The run home for the Lightning is not as easy as Penguin, but this
unit is a quality outfit and 6-0 is a real possibility for these guys also. Kai Woodfall (71) and
Jamie Mesman (55) lead the Lightning scorers.
Basketball Tasmania HP Squad
The only other squad sitting on a 3-0 start after Round 1, the HP boys will find Round 2 a
little more challenging. All 3 matches are against teams fancied to make the Final 4, and if
the HP boys want to hold onto a spot in that group, they will need to knock over a couple of
big Scalps. Hobart Phoenix, Penguin Blues and Glenorchy Spartans are a tough trio of games.
Reyne Smith (39) and Harry Flint (36) lead the HP Scorers.
Hobart Phoenix
Sitting 2-1, Hobart would be confident of getting 4 wins on the board as a minimum
requirement to grab a Final 4 berth. 2 easy wins, and a tight struggle against the Lightning
group will have given the Phoenix Men confidence in their ability to get the job done. Tiri
Masunda (63) and Cam Brown (54) lead the Hobart scorers.

Latrobe Demons
1 of 4 teams sitting at 1-2 who need to win all 3 games to have a chance at the Final 4. A
great start to Round 1 saw Latrobe defeat the fancied Clarence United team, only later to let
one slip against lower ranked Kingborough. The Demons can jump out of the blocks against
the Launceston Next-Gen team, but then face Burnie and Launceston Lightning to close out
the weekend. 3-0 for the Demons this weekend is unlikely. Brady Armstrong (73) and Ben
Woolley (50) lead the scorers.

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Glenorchy Spartans
The Spartans appear most likely of the 1-2 group to be able to grab the 3 wins required.
They should be too big for the HP squad, should have little trouble knocking over
Kingborough, but it will be their first against Clarence United that will hold the most
interest, drop this one and the Final 4 dream will be over. Jack Stanwix (83) and Liam Smith
(38) are the Spartans two top scorers.
Burnie Tigers
An easy win over Launceston Next-Gen followed by two tight loses would leave Burnie a
little disappointed to be the other team on 1-2. A tough 3 games in Round 2 will see the
Tigers face an uphill battle to the Final 4. The Tigers take on Launceston Lightning first off
and a result in this tough game in the negative for Burnie will mean the Final will be out of
reach for 2019. Joe Chilcott (61) and Bailey Boag (57) are the Tigers lead scorers.
Kingborough-Huon Kings
The last team on 1-2, and with a tough run over Round 2, adding to the 1 win will be a big
ask. Clarence United, winless will be out to prove a point, Glenorchy will be gunning for
Finals and Penguin won’t want to drop a game in the regular part of State League 2019. The
Kings have it all in front of them this weekend, and if they managed the unthinkable and
ended up 4-2 after both Rounds, they would head into the finals the hot favourite. Noah
Straatsma (43) and James Deegan (40) lead the Kings point tallies.
Clarence United
A team full of quality players who just can’t seem to get off the mark. At 0-3 after Round 1,
finals are out, Round 2 is just for pride. NBL1 players Matt Young, BJ Radcliffe, Sam Youl and
Elijah Pawson will be hoping to gel and lift the Clarence United team to grab a few wins over
Round 2. The other 3 teams may have different ideas, Glenorchy can’t afford to drop one,
and Clarence will be confronted by that scenario first off on Saturday. BJ Radcliffe (61) and
Sam Youl (45) have been the lead scorers.

Launceston Next-Gen
A horror start in Round 1, 3 fairly large margin loses. Like the Clarence United men, the boys
from the Launceston Next-gen unit will be out to regain some pride and put a win or 2 on
the board. With Penguin and Hobart Phoenix 2 of their 3 games, it might be their first hit
out against Latrobe that is the barometer of their weekend. Brad Templar (27) and Thomas
Foster (23) lead the Next-Gen scorers.
Final 4 Prediction
1 – Launceston Lightning
2 – Penguin Blues
3 – Hobart Phoenix
4 – Glenorchy Spartans

Latrobe Demons
Racing away to be the only team 3-0, the Demons are guaranteed to see finals action. The
Demons first game of the weekend will be their hardest as they take on 2nd place
Launceston Lightning. Game 2 against Phoenix will probably bring to an end any hope of the
Hobart girls going back to Back in 2019. Ellie Collins (103) and Sarah O’Neill lead all scorers
for the Demons.
Launceston Lightning
Lightning’s first two will be their toughest. 1st Place Latrobe, followed by the girls from
Kingborough-Huon will give the Lightning girls a good test. Launceston will also definitely
see action in the Final 4, and these games will give Coach Veale plenty of opportunity to fine
tune her group. Aishah Anis (61) and Jess Johnston (52) have been the best of the Lightnings
Kingborough-Huon Kings
Only 1 win from their first 3 attempts doesn’t really show this group in their true light.
Plenty of young talent, some wise heads and capable scorers, still has this team in finals
favouritism. Their first game against Launceston Lightning will tell us how it will play out
over the weekend for the Kings. Tayla Roberts (55) and Pia Rhodes (22) are the Kings leading
basket makers.
Basketball Tasmania HP Squad
Like the Kings, only 1 win so far, and also like the Kings there is plenty of talent to work with
to add a few more W’s before the end of Round 2. The HP girls should get across the line
against an undermanned Phoenix first up, then look to build on this result over the
weekend. Sharn Hayward (31) and Zoe Crawford (25) are the BTAS squad leading scorers.

Hobart Phoenix
Injuries have taken their toll on the Hobart squad, and even with the Return of Sharna
Thompson for Round 2, the team will struggle to post a win. A great chance for Coach Van
de Kamp to have a look at some of his junior players for 2020 playing in a senior
environment. Kylie Mccauley (68) and Sarah Mccauley (35) have led Hobarts scorers.
Final 4 Prediction
1 – Latrobe Demons
2 – Kingborough-Huon Kings
3 – Launceston Lightning
4 – Basketball Tasmania HP Squad