Dave chats with Rosie Kendall, CEO of Christians Against Poverty as part of Anti Poverty Week

With over 3 million people (13.2%) living below the poverty line – including 739,000 children (ACOSS, Poverty in Australia 2018), Anti-Poverty week is chance to take a personal look into the people at the heart of Australian Debt Crisis.

Rosie explains, what exactly poverty is in Australia, whether the church could or should help, and shares a bit of Keth’s story.

Even after spending her childhood and teen years in refugee camps across Ethiopia and Kenya, it was in Australia that Keth found herself in a hopeless situation, not being able to feed her own children.

Keths Story while difficult shows the work of Christians Against Poverty

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“I grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya. Life was very hard there. I remember having to share one pen between four of us at school. I had to walk a long distance every day to collect water and carry it back to my family. When I first came to Australia I was so happy, I felt like I was in heaven. I was thankful to God for helping this to happen. I was able to go to school here. I got married here in Australia, but it broke down and I was left alone with two young children.

From there the bills kept piling up and I just felt so hopeless. I wondered why this was happening to me when I had little children. There were days I was so depressed that I didn’t want other people to see me, so I just stayed inside.”

Keth’s story does get better, and is a stark but hopeful personal look into the people at the heart of Ausrtalia Debt Crisis.

To find out more https://www.capaust.org/

Helpline : 1300 227 000

Partnership : 1300 303 929