David Wood catches up with Mike Hussey on the release of his new book Winning Edge

Winning Edge takes you inside the dressing room, onto the field and into the mind of one of Australia’s best elite cricketers, Mike Hussey.
In this behind-the-scenes look into the world of first-class cricket, Hussey reveals how he kept his mind on the game when the media chatter got too loud, what it’s like when the Australian captain is also a selector, and how it feels to be the one to tell Mick Jagger he can’t visit the Australian dressing room during a World Cup game. Hussey details his misgivings about how young players are handled, admits he has suspected corruption on the T20 field and expresses his concerns about how difficult it is to achieve a balance between the ideals of fair play and being successful in the world of hypercompetitive, business-oriented cricket.
‘I have seen so many players come and go, a scrapheap of talented cricketers who might have had a fruitful career had they been more aware and better prepared for the job than simply knowing how to play a good back defence or cover drive.’ – Michael Hussey
Winning Edge is an unmissable account for anyone wondering what goes on in a player’s mind beneath that baggy green.